Carrie Marcotte, Shirley French, Sheila Bush, Alison Mantione

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      Alison Mantione         Carrie Marcotte         Shirley French           Sheila Bush

Carrie Marcotte is an art therapist that has been working in the field of arts and disabilities for seventeen years when she was hired as the coordinator of the Matter at Hand program at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Prior to that, she worked as an art therapist in the area of addictions. Currently, Carrie is the director of Starlight Studio and Art Gallery. Shirley French, Sheila Bush, and Alison Mantione are mentors in Starlight’s AIM Program (Art Instruction Mentoring).

“Art Instruction Mentoring: Adult Artists with Disabilities Sharing What They Know”

Carrie Marcotte, Alison Mantione, Sheila Bush, and Shirley French will talk about the origins of the AIM Program at Starlight Studio and Art Gallery. By giving examples of projects they have both designed and implemented with children who attend an on-site after school program, they will speak about their successes, challenges, and solutions they have discovered along the way.