Keynote Speaker

Teri Fallesen

Teri Fallesen edited

Teri Fallesen serves as the Accessibility and Community Programs Coordinator for the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Her responsibilities include running the Access AK program, facilitating exhibitions in the Education Hallway, and coordinating all art based community events. Teri has also held such positions as Assistant Director of Art Programs at Art Park, Art Coordinator at the Heart, Love, and Soul Food Pantry, and Art Instructor at the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center after school ceramic class for at risk students. Teri received a dual Bachelor’s degree from State University of New York at Buffalo in Art Education and Ceramics with a minor in Art Therapy. She has completed Master level coursework in Childhood Special Education. She has received NY State Teacher Certification in the following fields; Visual Arts K-12, General Education 1-6, and Special Education 1-6.

“The Importance of the Process Rather than the Product”

The art making process provides a unique opportunity for people to explore abstract ideas in a concrete and physical manner. This exploration is more powerful when it is not inhibited by a preconceived notion of how it should take place and what the end product should look like. In an educational system where standards of performance are predetermined and stringently reinforced the art making process offers a well needed reprieve that focuses on and celebrates the individual interpretation and response.