Robin Kestler

Robin 2

Robin has been employed at The Resource Center for twenty years. She is currently working at the Michael J. Raymond Center in direct care as an activity leader, and as successfully completed The Resource Center’s Corporate College Program. Robin strongly believes in helping those who have disabilities to be both productive and successful. Robin also serves on the Laurel Run Committee, and continues to host the annual Kickoff Breakfast. She has received numerous awards throughout the agency, such as the 2006 TRC Advocate of the Year, 2010 Amcore Direct Care of NY State, and shared the Lauren Run Spirit Award in 2013 with her team, Future Strivers.


In this workshop, you will use recycled containers, Pete moss, cement, and other materials to create a small planter or candle holder. Since the 1800’s, people have used hypertufa as a very textured, yet lighter alternative to cement. Although this workshop is sure to get your hands messy, it will be a very easy, fun experience for any artist!